As they say, “There is beauty in simplicity,” and this Fashionisto’s outfit is gorgeously clean and classic. From head to toe, or rather from perfectly side-swept hair to classy brown leather shoes, the entire look has a classic elegance while still staying warm and cozy.

Unfortunately, even though spring is very slowly approaching, we can’t seem to shake the winter weather yet. This Fashionisto, however, stays stylish, warm and classy while enjoying a walk around campus in the brisk winter air. Covered up tight in his classic black peacoat, and wrapped up in a cozy navy and gray knit scarf, there is no way that this Fashionisto is going to let the cold ruin his style!

Paired with these great winter weather pieces are a pair of lightly coloured khaki pants and some amazing, elegant, brown leather shoes that tie the classic look together.

Oh, and of course, we cannot forget about the pair of brightly coloured polka-dot socks! They give the classic, elegant outfit a bit of playfulness, some fun and are one of my favorite parts of the outfit. I think the idea of brightly patterned socks is a great way to add a bit of uniqueness and joy to any outfit. It allows for you to show your personality in the pattern or design that you choose, and they lighten up the mood of an outfit. While they are super fun pieces, they are ever so slightly hidden so that they aren’t too much and their covert placement allows for a fun surprise when peeking out from under a pant hem. No matter if you want to be outrageous or quiet, there is a sock for everyone! If you need a place to look, Nordstrom has a great collection of unique styles to choose from.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Bringing confidence to your look will add an extra spark! For me, finding the balance between comfort, style and the right amount of colour is key.”