Plaid is such a classic pattern that survives generation to generation. I remember my mother sharing her obsession with plaid when she was my age. I remember her going on and on about it. This Fashionista also has a love for plaid and chose to add this plaid button-down midi dress to her all-black ensemble. The plaid really complements the look because it allows the outfit to stand out without being too loud. The plaid button-down midi dress also compliments this Fashionista’s long sleeved top. Although for our Fashionistas that are experiencing temperatures below 60, this is not the look for you.

For those of you battling snow and would like to visit this piece in the warmer months, you can definitely pair this with a black tank dress. This plaid button-down midi dress would also balance a crop top and dark high-waisted shorts in the spring and summer. Versatile pieces like this will allow you to utilize it throughout multiple seasons. Trendy items in classic patterns allow you to carry it throughout various seasons. I personally have fallen in love with shirts this long because they really compliment fitted clothing like crop tops. This plaid button-down midi can also be worn with a long pencil skirt and a long sleeved crop top for a very chic look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Plaid is rad. For the summer I’d probably pair it with some shorts and tie up the front. I would also pair it with some cute sandals because it is a really versatile piece that can be taken from fall/winter to spring/summer. “