Whatever your plans are this week, don’t forget about your classic little black dress hanging in the back of your closet. Since the beginning of fashion, little black dresses have always been in style. No matter the occasion, formal or casual, you can make the “LBD” work! This Fashionista styles her jersey dress for a day at work, adding her favorite accessories to make it her own. There is something fun about this look, while still maintaining a professional look. Since the dress itself is so simple, she added small statement pieces to enhance the outfit. Her bright velvet scrunchie maintains a youthful feel to the outfit, and the layered bracelet and necklace are just enough for a day working or running errands. On a hot summer day, wearing a comfortable outfit will make going out worthwhile, but don’t forget your favorite sandals! The tan shoes this Fashionista is wearing plays in once again to the cool look of the outfit.

When working with your own “LBD” for every occasion the first step to creating the perfect look is in the fabric and accessories. If it is a more casual event, a jersey dress like the one this Fashionista is wearing is perfect. For a more formal look, try a lace or a polyester fabric.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always keep it simple, the little black dress is made to be easy to style. I try to keep my accessories low-key to maintain the classic feel of the dress.”