Introduced by the iconic movie of the 1990s Clueless the cropped sweater is a vintage classic. It’s the perfect fit for layering and seasonal transitions; the matching puzzle piece to the high-waisted jean.

The cropped sweater and the high-waisted pant are each other’s soul mates working in perfect unison. The wide cropped sweater creates magical wonders as it accents the tapered waist of the jeans, making the waist appear even smaller. The high-waisted pant also allows for the more refined look without showing too much skin. But if you’re feeling a little more risky, it still allows the freedom to do so.

The cropped sweater can be shown in different fabrics, prints and cuts. Different styles include the classic scoop neck, turtleneck or even the spicy ultra crop. If you go with a tight bodycon cropped sweater pair it with a pencil skirt for a classy Kim K. look.

This Fashionista’s look shows simplistic style for this new year. She is seen sporting her classic camel and black striped cropped sweater with a pair of vintage light-washed cropped jeans. The camel color is coming back in style, and she keeps it on trend throughout her outfit with the camel accented in the inside of her dark gray wool bomber jacket, and also as an accessory with her camel brown leather backpack. The oversized jacket in contrast to the tighter fit of the sweater and jeans creates a juxtaposition of masculine meets feminine. She keeps her look classic ‘90s cool with her all black high-top Vans with high black socks.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s okay to keep it simple! Minimalism can be very appealing. Especially when you’re wearing something a little bit nostalgic, like a hand-knit sweater or a pair of vintage jeans.”