Shout out to all the tall girls out there that have trouble finding maxi dresses that actually look like maxi dresses on them. Going beyond that, the tall girls who add heels into the mix are an inspiration to all of us. Even though many people say if you are over 5’8″ you shouldn’t be wearing heels, us tall girls have to stick together and break the so-called “height limit” for wearing heels.

A key feature of a maxi dress that will look great with heels on someone that is already tall is a high-low hemline. This makes the dress look like it fits our body type more than a standard hemline (an added plus: they accentuate our long legs!). This style of maxi dress shows off the shoes from the front while covering parts of the shoe from the back like a normal hemline would.

By combining a delicate blush maxi dress with chunky black suede heels, this Fashionista got a classy and sophisticated outfit with an edgy detail that makes the outfit more casual. Also, the shoes become the statement piece of the outfit because the maxi has a high-low hemline. The high ponytail combined with light keeps the focus on the shoes. One small detail that can pick up on the edgy parts of the look is her dark raspberry lip color that pairs perfectly with the blush color of the dress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always start out with a classic pieces that work with my body and then I add some sass to my outfit with edgier accessories.”