Who says a portfolio shirt is only for the professional world? Why not reinvent it to become wearable outside of the workplace? At least in my closet, I noticed that I have my everyday city outfits on one side and my business casual pieces on the other end. Rather than separate these clothing options, this Fashionista combined a comfy sweatshirt with a tailored shirt (and some fabulous sneaker wedges) to create a chic street style ensemble.

The main aspect of this outfit that stands out to me when I spotted this Fashionista is how she used basics as a foundation to support the trendy accessories and flashy metallic sneakers. Although I tend to lean towards more of a boho style in the summer, I could easily find a graphic sweater and combine it with a fitted collared shirt for an outfit that is perfect for attending a summer class or venturing out into the city. Plus, this outfit gives you a reason to pull out your favorite sweatshirt on a cooler day. I especially love how she let the bottom of the collared shirt untucked because it makes the outfit seem even more effortless while still looking put together.

This Fashionista remembers that while using basics to build a stylish look is always a good place to start, adding a few spunky accessories adds character to an outfit and personalizes the look to fit your style. Imagine this outfit without the adorable panda charm necklace or the decorative skull bracelet; although the outfit would still be cute, it would lack uniqueness and the touch of creativity, which is critical when developing and showing your RAD sense of fashion.

I encourage you (and challenge myself) to try out this preppy and edgy street style look through using basics and layers upon layers of bold jewelry to totally amp up your look with trendy and unique (even quirky) accessories. This Fashionista, with her diverse accessories and confident style, reminds us that this summer is all about having fun experimenting with new looks while always expressing yourself!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think the best way to add dimension to an outfit is to mix and match clothing and jewels.”