The ’90s were monumental for the fashion world, as it was a time when several trends that continue to grace the closets of many were introduced. Time and time again, we see particular trends from this decade make larger waves than others, but 2015 seems promising for many of those trends to be equally as impactful as the next.  In other words, a ’90s revival has never looked as good as it does now, with several grunge-like options trending from plaid flannels and distressed denim to chokers and biker attire. Of all of the favorable ’90s trends, however, I find the chunky heeled shoe among my top picks. Serving as versatile and aesthetically appealing, chunky heels now cater to multiple categories of style in addition to grunge, from boho to preppy, making them a cute addition to any outfit.

This Fashionista, an employee of an Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica, California, opted for a grunge twist on the chunky heel and paired her platform boots with cuffed boyfriend-style jeans and a cut-off tank top. She completed her blast to the past look with a flannel that she tied around her waist and playful metallic eyeliner. Her rose-gold ombre hair, which she wore half-up, also contributed to her overall look.

As mentioned previously, the chunky heel has the potential to perfect any look for any style, and can easily be dressed up or down. This Fashionista’s boots, for example, can be paired with a dark-hued skater dress, and accessorized with statement jewelry and bold, vampy makeup to make the perfect outfit for a night out.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to wear my UNIF trash boots because they make a statement. I almost always complete my outfits with a shoe that will get people looking. You can also use them to turn a boring outfit fun!”