STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cheetahlicious Texture

Any up-to-date Fashionista/o knows that faux fur is making a major comeback this season, both on the runway and on the sidewalks of campuses across the U.S. A totally new concept, also arises, when it comes to pairing fur with other classic pieces, like knits and denim.

This Fashionista took the fur trend into her own hands when she paired her cheetah print coat with a beautiful fiber dyed sweater. Her added pop of purple gave her look an edge over other chilly Fashionistas on her campus. With a new spin on a classic print, this campus beauty showed both her feminine and fearless side as she paired two totally opposite textures to create one cohesive look.

With an attention to detail, such as the touch of turquoise found in her collection of wrist wear, this Fashionista let her classmates know that she can put herself together no matter the weather. The practicality and fun of this coat allows this Fashionista a chance to take a simple sweater and black pant look into something off the London runways. And the best part? This look of extreme sophistication can be attained by snagging some pieces from inexpensive and popular favorites, both online and in stores.

Other textured trends to keep an eye out for in the world of outerwear include pairing this fierce coat with a favorite LBD or against dark pants, such as this Fashionista did. For those who find themselves prepared to take on the challenge, pairing this look with bright colors, or even prints like polka-dots or stripes, makes anyone stand out in a crowd.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layer as many textures as you can! It makes any look a little more interesting while adding some contrast among a bunch of different textiles.”