If you have seen any of my posts, you may see a trend of stripes. Stripes, especially black and white stripes, can easily be paired with an infinite number of options. The cheetah print, just like stripes, is extremely versatile. Unfortunately, cheetah print tends to be a bit more intimidating to wear… it isn’t exactly subtle and can easily be overdone. I’m not sure if anyone remembers the Cheetah Girls movie, but it is the perfect example. Even their “Cheetahlicious” chant can’t make up for the overwhelming head to toe cheetah print. It’s a bit overdone, I would say. However, a great way to wear this print through a smaller item such as a scarf, purse or even shoes. In this case, this Fashionista chose her high-tops. Cheetah print can come off a bit too girly. Some may even find it tacky if done wrong, but because she chose a shoe design that was more casual, the attention of the print just makes this outfit more fierce.

If you’re looking for a similar overall look here is what you need. Try to find a high-waisted black pant that has an interesting detail, such as a side zipper. This could be black jeans or leggings. A crop top is a great item for anything high-waisted because it accentuates the waist. Add a fun, printed scarf that compliments the cheetah print (I tend to use a print with blue). Always wear items that make you feel the most confident. An easy way to do this is to pick your favorite part of your body and make that the focus.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think you can never go wrong wearing black and some winged liner.”