Well, it’s official—spring is in the air! Temperatures have reached above 50 in Minnesota. People are happily walking across campus in shorts, dresses and sandals, sporting colorful pieces that reflect the uplifting moods as people are saying their final goodbyes to winter.

No longer do we have to bury ourselves in the biggest, bulkiest winter coats; venturing outside is now a pleasant, not dreadful, escapade. So when I spotted this Fashionista with her checkered red and black jacket and adorable round sunglasses, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her colorful springtime look.

There was something about her entire ensemble that stood out to me. The way she combined different pieces to create an effortless, hippie-chic outfit was eye-catching. And she sported a pair of round sunglasses—a must-have item for spring and the accessory that really caught my eye.

This Fashionista started her look with some simple base pieces. She wears a pair of light-washed distressed jeans with a crisp white T-shirt and a mustard colored vintage sweater. Notice, though, that her jeans are not overly distressed, keeping them from looking too rugged, which still allows for a sleek and chic ensemble.

She wears an amazing red and black checkered jacket on top of her sweater. The mustard color of the sweater is slightly noticeable underneath her jacket, adding just the right amount of color and contrast with the darker red and black tones on top.

Finally, she balances out the black in her jacket with a pair of Vans and some black socks. She doesn’t wear her socks underneath her jeans, however. Instead, she pulls them over her jeans, creating the illusion of black booties.

So throw your bulky winter coats into the back of your closet because we (hopefully) won’t need them for the next nine months! Instead, buy a lightweight checkered jacket, and pair it with simple base pieces for the perfect hippie-chic look! And don’t forget to invest in a pair of round sunglasses—the ultimate accessory to compete any ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t try too hard because comfort and style should go hand in hand. If you go over the top with either, it doesn’t work, so it’s important to find a balance between the two.”