March 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

From head to toe, this Fashionista has her look together. It’s hard to pay attention in class when you’re sitting next to someone who’s outfit not only catches your eye, but also inspires your own style. I love how fearless this Fashionista is, especially in the middle of winter (although spring should be right around the corner). Her hat is what first caught my eye, but her chic sense of style doesn’t stop there. It works its way from her dangling earrings to her colorful and fun scarf and finishes off with a practical pair of boots. This outfit is full of interesting pieces that effortlessly work together.

If you’re ever looking to catch and capture everyone’s attention on your campus, throw on a hat. You’re bound to get a response. Whether it’s a beanie, a wool hat, a floppy hat or a fedora, hats provide you with the opportunity to instantly up your style game. Moving on from her wonderfully chic chapeau, how can you not notice her crazily colorful scarf? It draws you in and is a lovely pop of color against her otherwise black and simple attire. I love wearing black. It immediately makes a look sophisticated and minimalistic; however it never hurts to add a splash of pizzazz here and there. This scarf has just enough color without being too over the top.

Lastly, being in New England I love how this Fashionista didn’t completely throw practicality away. Boots are a necessity, especially this winter, so although I encourage you all to fully express your inner style Fashionista/o, practicality does play some role. Most importantly have fun with it!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to dress unexpectedly. Every day is something new and I’m always drawn to a different accessory. Today was my hat, but tomorrow you never know.”