Sometimes, we just want to dress comfortably and casual. However, not all of us can be chic will doing it.

This Fashionista starts her outfit with the casual basic of every closet; blue jeans. I love a nice pair of high-waisted jeans. This Fashionista is able to keep her outfit modest by pairing a graphic crop top T-shirt with the jeans. There’s no room to show skin, but lots of room to show style. My favourite thing about this Fashionista’s crop top is that it says so much about how she feels in one single statement. Choose whatever statement suits your style and you’ll always be stylish.

Sure, this Fashionista could have stopped at just jeans and a T-shirt, but she didn’t. She tied her entire outfit together with shades of pink and red. The use of these shades started all the way from her head to her toes.

She started the use of these shades with, shades. Nothing says, “I’m fun but chic” like a pair of heart-shaped pink sunglasses. The sunglasses keep your eyes protected from the sun but the shape of them makes the outfit whimsical. Swiping on a shade of bright red lipstick makes any outfit instantly-chic. I usually opt for a matte lipstick for a classic Marilyn Monroe look. A matte lipstick also stays on longer than other finishes.

She wore a gold and red necklace to continue the use of red. A statement necklace ups any outfit, even if it’s casual. She then wore a pink cardigan vest that draws the eye down towards her pink-strapped sandals. Although this look is casual, it’s still chic with the accessories and colour coordination that this Fashionista included.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Less is MORE. When it comes to casual outfits, keep it simple! Always accessorize, but with moderation. I like to go for either a necklace or a bold pair of earrings!”