With men’s fashion, sometimes it can be hard to make a statement without spending a ton of money or wearing something out of your comfort zone. I know that, personally, I have seen some guys who just have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to buying clothes and some that don’t even care what they put on their backs (GASP!). But, there’s always that one exception of a guy who you’ll see walking down the street and think, “He definitely know how to dress himself.”

This Fashionisto knows how to make a shoe statement without looking too dressed up. He keeps it casual and classic with the shirt and shorts, but adds an unexpected pop of bright blue color with the shoes. I love the shoes because they’re so brightly colored and remind me of summer; they complement the rest of the outfit so perfectly because of the whole color scheme. Lastly, they act as a great finishing touch to this ensemble and, even though it’s personal preference, I really like how the shoes look when you can’t see the socks poking out at the top. These shoes are so versatile and would be great for taking a walk around the city.

The button-down shirt used in this outfit is casual, but still looks nice with the sleeves rolled up, collar unbuttoned and shirt untucked. It’s made of a very lightweight, gauze-like material that won’t suffocate your skin when it gets a little too warm out. Cargo shorts are never a good choice in wardrobe, so these khakis are a staple piece for men and go great with most shirts!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to keep things casual, but my advice would be to add an unexpected element to set you apart from the rest.”