On Wednesday night, The New York Philharmonic presented its annual Concerts in the Parks series on the Great Lawn in Central Park for those that appreciate an evening of classical music under a night of summer stars. This is the 50th celebration event. There were fireworks followed by this amazing concert. People gathered together on the Great Lawn, laying down or sitting next to each other to enjoy this wonderful moment. There were more than 60,000 people that evening, and people were dressing really comfortable yet dressy for this informal concert on the grass.

I caught this Fashionista who sat next to me. This Fashionista wore a casual, dressy look for this informal concert. Her hair and makeup are gently done. Her gladiator sandal upgraded her entire outfit and made her look fashionable. The shoes were decorated with gold rhinestones, something that makes them pop. At the same time, the shinning metals attract attention. Along with the trendy pair of shoes, she had on orange jeans and a nude crop top. On top of the crop top, she has a white, silky shirt that was not completely tailored. The front of the shirt is wavy and loose, which makes her feel comfortable. The entire outfit made her look more elegant than casual and flatters her body with her dark blue handbag. Overall, her look is super cute and comfortable.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Loose tops with a tight bottom is always the right outfit for college student, and they are comfortable as well. The confidence comes with loving how you look and feel in an outfit. Therefore, shape and comfort should come together.”