Solids and polka dots and stripes, oh my! The possibilities for the perfect cardigan ensemble are endless, ranging from pairing your favorite sweater with bold pieces like combat boots or with daintier ones like ballet flats, or even creating a subtle change in outfit by either buttoning or unbuttoning your cardi.

Of all her options, this week’s Fashionista is sporting an outfit that’s perfectly balanced: her blue striped, buttoned high-low cardigan falls perfectly to her sides, giving her figure a seamless hourglass look. She then juxtaposes the warm colors of the cardi with solid black leggings, which allows the attention of the look to be geared towards the fun cardigan. Finally, her fuzzy chestnut UGG boots give her outfit a cozy winter feel and pick up the warmth present in the sweater, bringing her outfit full-circle in terms of color-coordination. This Fashionista also knows that less is more, allowing her outfit to go sans accessories so that the cardigan can really be the centerpiece of the ensemble.

Ever wonder why cardigans are such popular pieces in the fashion world? I find that it’s all because they’re so incredibly versatile and transitional, making them acceptable to wear during those awkward few weeks where the seasons are switching from summer to fall, fall to winter or winter to spring. Whether you’re wearing something light and airy in the spring or something thick and fluffy in the winter, you’ll surely be kept appropriately warm and trendy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layers are key! A cardigan is the perfect piece to keep in your wardrobe year round, since it allows you room to layer more or less, depending on the weather.”