STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Capes Aren't Just for Superheros

Long gone are the days of the black fleece North Face jacket, and unfortunately we have outgrown our beloved varsity jackets. As the winter weather encroaches on us, and the walks to class become unbearable, the students here on Hawk Hill know exactly how to keep warm while still dressing to kill. This Fashionsta’s favorite way? Capes!

When people think of capes they think of Little Red Riding Hood, Superman or even Harry Potter, but that stigma must be broken. Outerwear is sometimes a challenge to maintain ones style while still keeping warm. The cape is the perfect alternative to the classic winter coat. A lot of people shy away from the cape just because of its different shape, and non-conventional look, but I think the cape has the power to make anyone look chic.  My favorite part about this trend is its ability to look great on any woman of any size.  It can turn a basic outfit into a classic, polished look that will definitely be turning heads.

Capes come in all shapes and sizes, and one can be found to fit anyone’s personal style.  Although my favorite type of cape is medium length, solid color, there are plenty of lengths, shapes and textiles to choose from. You may ask yourself, what does one wear with winter trend? Check out this Fashionista’s take on a simple outfit taken to the next level.  Because the cape makes such a big statement walking on campus, she decided to keep her outfit very minimalistic with a few accent pieces.  An easy pair of black leggings, a thermal from Free People, a quality pair of riding boots accessorized with over the knee socks and a chunky scarf bring her J.Crew cape to life!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to make a statement with outerwear, it’s such a fun way to express your style. Capes definitely add the drama!”