There’s something about dressing casual but still being able to look cute. A key attribute to making that happen is the baseball cap. Having a bad hair day? Baseball cap. Just went swimming? Baseball cap. The sun is in your eyes? Of course, a baseball cap is the answer. Being able to wear a baseball cap with your casual attire is a trend that needs to stick around for as long as possible.

No matter what the weather is like, a baseball cap can be worn with just about anything. If you would’ve asked me a year ago what to wear one with, I would’ve said shorts and a T-shirt. For the longest time I thought hats were to be worn with an athletic outfit. Times have changed, and this Fashionista knew just how to pull off her casual and cute outfit. With her distressed jeans, striped tank and Converse, her baseball cap is what completes this outfit. She also chose to wear a lace bralette under her tank, which not only gives the outfit a flirty flare, but also goes with the neutral color combination perfectly. This Fashionista’s army green jacket tied around her waist makes this look effortlessly chic, and a great idea for when it gets a bit chillier as the sun goes down.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Baseball caps are my favorite! I love being able to throw one on with any outfit and feeling like it completes it. I really like to dress sporty and cute together because I feel like it describes my personality. I think you can put a baseball cap with anything, as long you’re dressing for yourself and no one else, you’re doing it right!”