It’s February, which means it is still freezing cold here in Syracuse, NY. For many of us, that means bundling up in sweatshirts, scarves and many drab (but cozy) clothing. For others, like our Fashionista here, the cold weather is the perfect opportunity to break out cool patterned pants like her camouflage pants! These pants are perfect for the cold weather because not only are they trendy and fun, they are also warm enough to wear in sub-zero temperatures.

A great thing about camouflage pants is that they are very versatile. You can wear them during the day to any of your classes or if you pair them with a pair of black booties and a cute leather jacket, you can wear them for a night out with your girlfriends.
So why is camouflage coming back into style? A majority of trends usually come back into style and the camouflage pants are no exception. We can see why these pants are so popular by looking at our Fashionista. Even with the snow blowing everywhere and making everything seem drab, these pants stand out way more than a regular pair of jeans or leggings would.

Another reason this trend is coming back is because of comfort. Not only are these pants stylish, they are comfortable and made of stretchy material. You can get these pants in a variety of materials including denim or polyester, making them a perfect item for anyone’s closet.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Go for something bold! If people aren’t talking about your outfit, it isn’t daring enough.”