January 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Upstate New York is beautiful when it’s covered in snow. Unfortunately, this snowfall is accompanied by frigid temperatures. Some of us (myself included) find it hard to muster up the motivation to put a kick ass outfit together, because we know we’ll have to cover it up or freeze.

I found this Fashionista home for the holidays. This look was her attempting to do what so many of us try, which is to wear our lighter pieces in the winter. I know I have a few skirts I’m not ready to let go of just because snow has begun to fall. And it seems like everywhere I go, I see skirts and shorts being worn despite the icy weather. The reason? The growing trend of making your skirts and shorts wearable in the winter.

How is this done? Well this Fashionista paired her skirt with tights and a warm sweater. Putting together a cable knit sweater (one of my winter favorites) and a skater skirt with chevron stitching made this look even cuter. This kind of texture mixing is also becoming an increasingly growing trend. Wearing it with some warm wool socks and combat boots is also very chic.

Throwing on a skirt is a nice little flashback to your summer memories and is a quick fix to the winter blues. Whether you are having family dinner, snuggling up by the fireplace with some hot tea or deciding to brave the cold with your friends and go to the movies, a skirt with tights is a cute and cozy look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Don’t be afraid to wear what you want! The weather is just a reason to get innovative! Skirts are my absolute favorite piece of clothing and theres no reason to shun them just because of the cold!”