They say trends of past decades come circling around every 20 years. It is no wonder that fashion is currently obsessed with the styles of the ‘90s. There is a weird sense of nostalgia we feel while wearing denim overalls, fuzzy turtlenecks and velvet dresses. Although we were only little lads and lassies back then, our desire to evoke the styles of the decade of our childhood is stronger than ever. Thanks to the clothing retailers with a palm on modern trends at all times, incorporating this decade into your wardrobe is easier than ever.

I hunted down this Fashionista while she was strolling down midtown. Her casual, cool style caught my eye and I was immediately struck by her “teenage ‘90s” vibe. I couldn’t help but gawk at her perfectly punk, purple dip-dyed hair. Her cream-colored cropped sweater from Forever 21 is a simple and comfy throwback to the beloved decade. I would suggest a fuzzy pink version of the cropped sweater to go totally Alicia Silverstone on the look. Pairing it with light wash, high-waisted denim shorts was also a great idea. The American Apparel version of these shorts is well worth the splurge. Animal print shoes are coming back in a big way. They’re the easiest way to incorporate a touch of fun into any look. This Fashionista incorporated leopard-patterned flats for a cute graphic print. I am convinced that Liv Tyler probably wore something like this in the ‘90s.

In the season of half cold/half hot weather that occurs during Florida winters, pairing a sweater with shorts is the only logical way to stay comfortable. She also wore textured knee-high socks for an extra layer of warmth. Bringing along an extra jacket for the morning freeze was smart, too. Although we are way past Discmans, slap bracelets and Gameboys, we can still throwback to our favorite decade in style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear whatever makes you happy! In my case, a cropped sweater is my go-to piece for feeling comfy.”