The summer presents a major challenge for Fashionista/os: to look good in the heat or die trying. It’s difficult to decide whether you want to wear whatever will keep you the coolest or whatever you’re going to look the best in. While it’s tough to find a middle ground, there is a solution! Wear a short sleeve button-down.

This Fashionisto wears a short sleeve button-down that is very on-trend. It is a dark wash chambray, and even though chambray is super hot right now, a shirt like this will keep you cool as it is a lightweight fabric. This is not just your average button-down, though. A bold tribal-print pocket brightens up the dark wash and adds a summery touch to the shirt. A shirt like this is ideal because it is simple and doesn’t require much else to look cool and casual.

To complete his look, this Fashionisto wears a stylish pair of khakis that cinch around the ankle, showing off his blue suede boots. I love that his ankle boots complement his shirt so well without being too matchy-matchy. Now, last but certainly not least, his dogs put the finishing touch on his outfit. Obviously there is no need for any accessories when you have dogs as cute as these on your side.

Whether you are wearing it printed, plain, tucked in or open with another shirt underneath, you cannot go wrong with a short sleeve button-down for the hot summer months. You’ll look good no matter what you are doing, which is perfect because a fashion-crazed photographer might just stop you for a photo shoot while you are out walking your dogs.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is key for me during the summer. I like to look good but still be comfortable, so something that is as simple and easy as a short sleeve button-down is perfect.”