STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Remember when we were all naïve tweens who would get airbrushed tramp stamps just because Britney Spears had one? This week’s style would’ve been our best friend back then.

Similar to the mullet, your creative style doesn’t have to be limited to just the front of your outfit. In fact, some of the best articles of clothing out there are plain and simple in the front, and exquisitely unique in the back. Think back to high school prom. Didn’t basically everyone wish they could have the gorgeous dress that was elegant in the front and scandalous in the back? Open backs are the classiest way to show a little skin, or in the winter, show a little layering. With high-waisted bottoms back in style, it’s even easier to only show hints of your back without looking like you just stepped out of a Ke$ha music video.

Furthermore, a top with an open back doesn’t mean it’s just obtrusively open. There can be some detail and design that sets it apart from all the other boring tops out there. Whether it be cut-outs, bows, lace or anything else, the back of your shirt can really spice up your ensemble. The best part? For the most part, there’s literally nothing for it to clash with. Unless you decide that your patterned open back shirt that has absolutely no lime green in it, should be worn with a lime green tank top underneath. Then you might have a minor fashion crisis.

This week, my Fashionista rocked an open back shirt while bracing the strong wintery winds. When you take a look at it from the front, all your basic neutrals are paired together flawlessly. The flowy gray top fits perfectly over the black tank top for layering. Her American Eagle Outfitters denim is dark enough to create a good contrast between top and bottom, and the brown riding boots finish the look. The simple, gold starfish and elephant necklaces are adorable and not too flashy.

But then BAM. She turns around and there it is; the main show. The lace, open back detailing has been put on display. The pattern is so delicately created, and the layering underneath keeps it sophisticated. It’s truly a gorgeous detail, and really adds that pizazz to the outfit. If the temperatures were warmer, this could be worn without the layer underneath and with high-waisted shorts instead of pants. Now, you don’t even have to be facing the silent, jealous haters from the front.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Neutrals are always a good choice, but to avoid being too boring, add a pop or two of color, or a choose a style that is far from plain and simple!”