January is certainly one of the coldest months we see all year. I personally find it quite challenging to dress for these temperatures, especially in a fashionable way. However, this Fashionista dresses in some of the latest trends, keeps warm and proves that you can still look cool and stylish even while all bundled up. She wears the essentials of winter fashion from head to toe and layers her outfit perfectly.

This Fashionista caught my attention so quickly because of the way she has added color to her look in a subtle way. Her coat is also wonderful. Longer coats are basically the item of the season. If you didn’t get one over the holidays then perhaps invest in one before winter comes to an end. A gray woolen coat similar to the Fashionista’s will be a good choice as it will not only keep you warm, but gray will match just about anything and allow you to add that subtle color to your look. This blanket coat from Topshop will also help you to achieve a similar look but it is unique in its own way if you are looking for something different. The Fashionista’s hair color is probably the number one thing that makes her look pop but if you’d rather add color with a scarf, totally understandable. A plaid scarf will be a great idea. It will definitely assist you in layering with all your outfits this winter.

As I previously mentioned, the Fashionista’s layering is spot on from head to toe. So yes, her shoes are just as stylish as her coat and scarf. Dr. Martens are probably the coolest boots around and that is exactly what she wears. Perhaps try out a pair of cherry red combat boots this season as another way to add some color.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Your outerwear can be just as cool as the actual outfit. A great coat will be worth the investment this winter.”