Spending winter break back home in Ohio meant one thing: people actually had to dress for cold temperatures. Living in Austin, Texas for the last four months has made me fear the cold, and fear dressing for the cold even more. However, this Fashionista made it very clear that dressing for the cold doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style as well.

With temperatures around 10 degrees and five inches of snow on the ground, one wouldn’t think it was the time to break out the tights. But by adding multiple layers on top, you’re able to bundle up while still looking super cute. This Fashionista’s mixture of textures and colors, such as the corduroy skirt and burgundy knit sweater, keeps the outfit interesting and cozy. The forest green army jacket on top seals in all the warmth, while adding a tough touch to the feminine outfit.

Dr. Martens and sheer tights are also a match made in heaven for Fashionistas who are looking for ways to add edginess to their dainty looks. The black scarf ties the whole outfit together, while also keeping the Fashionista warm.

This outfit features pieces that are reminiscent of the grunge days. The Dr. Martens were insanely popular in the ‘90s and they’ve recently made a major comeback. The army jacket may remind you of the popular ‘90s TV show Daria, in which the main character rocked her own army jacket (as well as Dr. Marten-style boots, mind you.) Basically, it’s safe to say that this Fashionista nailed the ‘90s-grunge trend to a T.

When it comes to dressing in the winter months, it may not be every Fashionista’s cup of tea to wear sheer tights rather than a thick pair of jeans. But for those looking for a warm way to rock a skirt or dress, this outfit is wonderful inspiration. Sheer tights are making a huge comeback, and they do honestly provide some protection for your legs against the cold temperatures.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A pair of sheer tights is all you need to rock skirts and dresses in the winter.”