When it comes to fashion trends and personal style, it always seems as though the U.S. is the last to pick up on what’s popular. It is almost as if we are afraid to experiment with exciting combinations of clothing items or even mixing various prints and patterns. When other countries, such as England, debut their latest looks and key pieces, only months later are the same pieces seen in U.S. department stores. Although I would argue that our country should still receive credit for having originality, I came across a Fashionista who’s inspiration was inspired by another country across the pond: England.

British grunge: Two words that sparked my attention as I discovered a potential Fashionista which I had to share. This Fashionista sporting beautiful red hair, and using the language of fashion gave the potential of understanding a thing or two about style, and my cue to get her advice. What’s even better is that in the world of personal style, there is no expert; instead, individual people inspiring others with their outfit creations.

Her take on British grunge first consisted of an all black dress and a printed flannel tied around the waist. The black choker around the neck adds to the grunge feel in addition to the pulled back messy hair allowing a more relaxed look. Mid-rise black socks peeping out from the all-black combat boots are one of many ways to bring originality to a specific look. What’s so great about this Fashionista’s outfit is that in one instance, the two main pieces could completely change the inspiration for the look. Yet, by adding these additional pieces, the inspiration for British grunge comes to life, and in my eyes, you are one step closer to be daring with your style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I believe that accessories go a long way and helps to transform the look of your outfit! By not adding a certain necklace or hat, your entire inspiration could be different in a persons eyes. Just always make sure to add a simple accessory for the extra “wow” factor!”