STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bring on the Layering

During the winter months in my hometown of Minnesota, getting dressed in the morning causes one to face the question of “What can I wear to keep warm today?” rather than trying to look fashionable. Somehow, many brave Minnesotans manage to do both during the frigid cold winter months in what many call the “Frozen Tundra.”

Layering seems to be key. On cold days you will find many people strolling the streets wearing long sleeve shirts, flannels, jackets, scarves and hats. These articles are typically worn all at once, just like this Fashionisto.

For many, the idea of layering tends to be a scary thought. Yes, we see it as a constant trend in some of our favorite magazines, but few dare to try it. Whether your choice is because you are afraid of looking large or where you live does not require you bundle up every time you leave your house, I encourage you to give it shot.

The key to not looking too big is pairing different kinds of materials together to add variation and depth. If the weather is not too extreme I may try pairing a large cardigan over an oxford button-down and wear a coat as needed. On the other hand, on those frighteningly cold days when I have to make the trek from one class to the next, I will pile on as many clothes as possible. In these cases, I recommend a simple base such as a long sleeve shirt, a flannel for warmth, your warmest sweater and, the icing on the cake, a cozy jacket. If you’re like me though, you may need to go above and beyond and try adding a scarf, or what I like to call a “blanket for your neck.”

I like to think of layering as the way that any basic girl or guy can make one’s self look put-together and hip. The key that I have found to layering is a good sweater; with a good sweater it is easy to pull together multiple different looks.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never go wrong with a bow tie.”