We all have a perfect pair of jeans that we will always go back to and reuse again. They can never go old, and you cannot go wrong with a pair of good jeans. Jeans have been a big shot from the 19th century until today. No matter what color or style they are, there are no women or men that don’t have a pair of jean pants in their closets. It’s one of those must-have items that everyone needs in different shapes and colors. For me, the jeans and T-shirt combination is always the best, most comfortable look.

This Fashionista is a clearly one who likes jeans. She was wearing a colorful pair of jeans that brighten her outfit. The orange neon color went well with her skin tone and hair color and popped it out even more. On her colored jeans she had zippers, stitches and pockets that give them the army pants look. She used a silk scarf as a belt, and the bold colors of the scarf made it almost mismatching but super matching at the same time. Her brown boots had a belt of shallow spikes on them, transforming her look to the ‘cool’ side and giving her some edge. Her total look was very summery, colorful and stylish, and she gave it the final touch with her wavy hair and cat eyeliner that is hiding under her chic sunglasses.

Overall, colored jeans and pants will always be stylish and will always pump up your look. Certain colors just catch your eye. When you have neon colors in your looks, try to keep everything else more simple. You don’t want to over do it because having a colors party is not cute at all.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pick a main focus point and built it off.”