What better time to break out the color in your wardrobe than summer? With the days of summer dwindling away, people are trying to make the most of the nice weather and their summer wardrobe. This Fashionista is rocking a great summer look composed of not just one bright element but two—three if you count the necklace! Usually you see a bright article of clothing paired with more neutral tones, so to see multiple brights in one outfit makes this look stand out in a crowd.

The bright colors work so well together in the summer months. It is a fun, fresh and happy look that resembles all the feelings of summertime. What makes this trend work so well is when it is done in a casual way, and that is just what this Fashionista chose to do. She is wearing her bright T-shirt dress as the main component of the outfit. The T-shirt dress is simple, so it works well in a bright color. Here is where the bright on bright trend comes in; she is wearing a pair of turquoise Converse! The shoes can often be an overlooked addition to an outfit but there are endless possibilities that have the ability to completely change your look. This Fashionista is getting use out of her brights and bringing them all together for this fun look. To finish off her outfit, she adds an orange statement necklace that pairs well with her dress and adds more color. The necklace also dresses up the outfit, bringing it a step up from casual and helping complete the look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love wearing bright colors; they are so fun and happy. Wearing a lot of bright colors helps brighten my day and hopefully the people around me, too!”