One of the most pervasive rules in the fashion world is to never wear black with brown. Something that tends to be forgotten is that fashion-forward people rarely stay within limits. When styled correctly, black and brown work extremely well together to complement each other in an unexpected, nontraditional way. Creating a balance between the two hues is key to avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark!

This Fashionista’s basic black halter top streamlines her silhouette with the black background of her pants, which are already freckled with some brown undertones in the mixed polka-dot and geometric design. Her wide-strap sandals bring out the brown piping of her pants and keep the outfit casual. Overall, she utilizes black as a base color and highlights it with cognac brown to turn a typically neutral shade into an eye-catching color accent.

Apparently she was having a bad hair day, but you never would have been able to guess under her floppy hat. I loved this addition because the splash of gray kept her outfit from overloading on the color combination and looking too matched. It also tied the look together from top to bottom while some unique silver jewelry added to her bohemian vibe.

Sometimes defying universal fashion rules can uncover the best ensembles. Building your personal style requires some experimenting every now and then—that’s how new trends are set!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Wear what you want, regardless of general unspoken guidelines.”