March 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

It is currently 20 degrees on campus but that doesn’t appear to be a problem for this Fashionista. Bundled up in leggings, an oversized sweater, booties, a parka and a cozy headband, she is ready to brave the cold while looking effortlessly fashion-forward. This season, black is the new black. Let’s be honest, no other color could ever look quite as chic. It’s the most forgiving color and a smart choice when you want to bundle up in layers. Black always has a slimming effect and when you’re wearing bulky sweaters in the winter, a black coat will help hide the extra love handles the sweater has so graciously given you. This Fashionista deserves another gold star for avoiding the puffer jacket we see so often in the winter, which is also notorious for giving girls extra unwanted curves. Instead, she has chosen a hooded faux-fur trim parka from DKNY. This stylish parka adds to her look instead of taking away from it like those puffer jackets often do.

Black booties are really trending right now, and as you can see, this Fashionista has found a perfect pair! If you don’t have a pair of booties in your wardrobe yet, get them now while they’re on sale! They’re a wardrobe staple and you’ll still get plenty of wear out of them because they are the perfect shoe for the transition from winter into spring; and you can pull them out again in the fall.

Another smart addition to this Fashionista’s outfit is her green ear warmer from H&M. The green ear warmer is the perfect way to break up the black in her outfit. The simple addition of the ear warmer as well as her sweater peeking through her parka keeps the look from being boring. These subtle accents add personality to the look and are important elements.

Now focus your attention on her striking Tori Burch tote. It’s black, it’s leather and it has gold accents. What else could you want? It’s perfect. The leather works wonderfully with the booties and complements the entire look perfectly. The bag is multi-purpose because it serves as an important style element of her look and as a book bag. It is clear this Fashionista hasn’t let the cold weather get the best of her style. Keep up the good work!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sometimes thin leggings don’t help keep you warm in the winter. Try a thicker legging with a fleece lining. This will ensure you get the look you want and still stay protected from the harsh cold.”