I am always looking for a way to revamp a staple wardrobe piece. Keeping a few pieces that you can wear differently season after season is key. I feel that in doing this, you gain more creativity, save some money, refine your taste in fashion and help to avoid buying cheap things you don’t use or wear. For me, this method can be applied to a great pair of jeans but boyfriend jeans in particular.

Boyfriend jeans date back to 2009 when Katie Holmes stepped out in what looked to be Tom Cruise’s jeans, and voila—the boyfriend jean was born. It’s six years later and the trend is still going strong, and with little modification to the look and style. Because of this, Fashionistas need to take boyfriend jeans into their own hands as far as when it comes to keeping their personal look updated and interesting.

This Fashionista does a great job keeping her boyfriend jean look innovative. Her half bun and platform sandals are very true to summer 2015 trends, and her cream oversized T-shirt keeps her look casual while her jewelry adds some bohemian flair. Distressed jeans can be a statement in themselves, but her jewelry, hair and shoes also help to make this outfit stand out. It’s a great look for any casual occasion. Another great thing about this look and boyfriend jeans in general is that they are so easy to dress up. Throw on some pointed toe nude suede pumps and a blazer, and you look chicer than ever. This outfit is a perfect example of boyfriend jeans gone right.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid of being too bold. Push yourself to experiment with your hair and makeup in ways you haven’t felt you could before. Trying out different styles and pushing your limits is the best way to figure out what your fashion taste is.”