During the season of flowy sundresses and bright floral prints, it’s easy for a girl to get lost in the abundance of femininity. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a Fashionista in a summer look that keeps us from overdosing on girliness. Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly a look for college girls, but it doesn’t throw that in your face.

The trick is to assemble an outfit as you normally would, but downplay some of the feminine aspects until it’s gender-neutral or even boyish. Notice how none of the pieces scream princess, but they are certainly not meant for guys. For example, the shorts are appropriate for the next heat wave, but the mature pattern of gray plaid reminds me of a man’s suit. She gives it a rocker twist with the statement cat eye sunglasses and the messy bun. The sunglasses show femininity while keeping with the too cool for school attitude this Fashionista exudes.

The white sandals being so simple with Velcro straps also take away the common image of summer shoes being only gladiator sandals and wedges. The tank top is also a great demonstration of how to play with expected prints. The top is an abstract leafy, floral motif made to look more like a graphic design than a garden. Gender-neutral prints, including stripes and plaids, or something more athletic like a sport’s jersey would also work perfectly for this concept.

If you have ever been called a tomboy or think it would be fun to play with a more sporty look without committing entirely, then this might be a cool new look for you. These are all just little details to pay attention to that will offer variety from the typical summer trends. It’s all about maintaining your femininity, without being suffocated by it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like sporty pieces with more formal outfits because it’s comfy for the heat.”