Jewel tones, high necklines and cozy cardigans – maybe memories of your grandmother’s closet fade into your mind. But this year, designers have proved that wide rimmed glasses aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. Neither are her wool stockings nor cream lace blouses.

Labels like Gucci and Fendi have wiped the dusty film off of the pallid “grandma-clothing” image with animated embroidery, tailored silhouettes and feminine trimming. Unlike your grandmother’s crumpled turtleneck and orthopedic shoes, the influx of vintage-inspired clothing in the high fashion market more closely resembles what young social lites would have worn during the ’40s, with a sprinkle of grandeur from the ’20s. In the Gucci pre-fall 2016 collection, a floor-length, tiered chiffon gown adjacent to a printed military green shirtdress with red ribbed stockings exemplified the overlap of baroque textiles and classic silhouettes.

Though a pleated midi skirt updated with a silk bomber jacket may be foreign to the average college campus, your next outfit could incorporate these upcoming designer trends with more finesse than you may think. If you choose to forgo your favorite LBD for a mix of soft textures and opulent silhouettes, you could take this Fashionista’s look as inspiration.

The rich tones in her blouse emanated the luxurious hues from the Gucci lineup, while the bow below her shirt collar added an endearing innocence that could have been pulled from a previous decade. Her burgundy loafers completed her look with comfortable elegance. If you have time to rifle through a thrift shop, you may be able to find dark-hued brooches or earth-toned floral prints that will add an antique flare to your ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just wear whatever makes you feel unique!”