STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Boots for the Season

It is imperative this season to bundle up with many layers in order to stay somewhat warm in these frigid temperatures. However, just because you have to pile on the clothes does not mean the layers underneath need to be unfashionable, and always have a killer shoe to tie the look together. The best thing about these kinds of outfits is that they can be personalized to fit your desired look!

This Fashionista has just the right idea. Without a coat on, she is sporting a casual plaid button-down, some high-waisted denim jeans and an on-trend faux fur vest. Her boots are particularly on-trend for this winter season and can be seen all over magazines. The color and the fancy heel fit in perfectly with her effortless layering technique but also give a little sassy edge that definitely fits in with her personality. She mentioned that this outfit can be transformed with a couple pieces and I certainly agree.

The shoes certainly tie this whole look together and there are many ways to change up the look. If you feel like you need to edge-out or dress up the look a bit, why not add some hot over-the-knee boots? That will definitely make you stand out this season, but be careful if there is a lot of snow! Snow boots can also be cute if you need the protection! If those boots aren’t for you, maybe try a cute bootie. Next, if you need some extra warmth, add a heavy sweater. The slimming look of a vest with definitely tie the whole look together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Being comfortable in what you’re wearing is the most important. If you aren’t confident in what you wear, it will definitely show and make you look insecure about yourself. I have a favorite sweater that I own in 3 different colors because it makes me feel good!”