To be honest, I am one of those girls who literally spend twenty plus minutes figuring out what shoes to match my outfit with. Normally I like wearing sandals because they are comfortable and casual. However, sometimes it gets too chilly here in NorCal to be wearing scandals at night.

This Fashionista was on her way to dinner with her friends. She wore a flowy white dress with a foliage green jacket and matched her outfit perfectly with a pair of beige booties. These shoes are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility. Wear them to shopping, wear them to dinner—you can even wear them to formal events. This Fashionista had worn this pair of booties to interviews and on dates. She said that these are her favorite because the neutralness of the color allows her to match them with many of her dresses. She also said that these short booties are much more fitting for the Californian weather than other longer, thicker or taller boots.

These short booties are just like formal versions of sneakers: comfortable but also fashionable. They protect your feet from the cold and allow you to walk around with no fear of being stepped on. Next time you are struggling on deciding what shoes to wear, why not go with booties?

What is YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stop wasting time on deciding what shoes to wear. Just get one pair of very comfortable boots that is also plain and simple so you can match anything with it.”