June 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

I’m no weather gal, but with June gloom lingering around every corner in Southern California and Karl the San Francisco Fog crawling across the city at every chance he gets, a light jacket is necessary for any Californian finding themselves surprised by misty mornings and overcast evenings. Although the fog can be a bit chilly, it is still summer over here, meaning outerwear should be anything but heavy. Enter your new best friend: the bomber jacket.

These chic jackets have been a hit this season. Instead of reaching for that staple sweater you’re so used to (we all have a cardigan-and-again-and-again), grab something with a slight edge—like this Fashionista. Paired with some white skinnies, cool sneakers and a classic adidas T-shirt, she screams effortless class while still looking fly as can be. The navy color of the jacket is neutral enough that it matches the rest of her ensemble, but stands out among her fellow classmates. She adds some blue mirrored sunnies to match the hue of the satin bomber and immediately becomes the campus ice queen, surveying her crowd through sapphire lenses.

The best part about the bomber is its versatility. This Fashionista rocks a modern, minimalist look while roaming her campus, but the jacket’s adaptability doesn’t end there. Switch out her skinnies for some paneled leggings to nail the athleisure trend, a heaven-sent fad for any college student who dreads running to and from pesky summer classes on minimal sleep. Going out later? Throw on a sassy mini and some posh booties to go with your new favorite staple item, and voila! You’ve got three different looks that are nothing short of the bomb dot com.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to experiment with what makes you happy! You have the power to make your personal style completely unique.”