Classes have begun and your fashion taste has noticeably gotten a lot more casual. Now is the time you typically want to throw on anything just to make it through the day, but remember, a Fashionista/o never lets a day go by without some care being put into his or her look. How do you spruce up your campus wardrobe without all of the effort? A simple bomber jacket! Bomber jackets are great if you do not want to put too much care into your outfit while still maintaining a chic aesthetic. Bomber jackets come in several different lengths, colors and patterns. They are also designed for all seasons, so some are thick while others are lightweight. This makes bomber jackets great additions to your wardrobe year-round.

This Fashionisto perfectly paired his bomber jacket with black joggers and a simple graphic T-shirt. As I have declared before, joggers make a great addition to any outfit because of their level of versatility. In this case, they add a level of neutrality to really let the jacket shine, still giving the Fashionisto a sleek and comfortable feel. This Fashionisto was headed out for a night with his friends and opted for darker tones as to not stand out too much. The burgundy, navy and black colors of the bomber jacket keep this Fashionisto low-key, comfortable and chic as he scowls downtown. This jacket will also prove useful with the upcoming cooler temperatures.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love bombers because you can wear them casual or you can kind of dress them up depending on where you’re going. They add a great dimension to almost any outfit.”