Everyone knows that boots are always in. From fall to spring, boots in every style and color imaginable are the shoe of choice for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike—and for good reason. Of course boots are practical for the colder months, but, honestly, it’s their appearance that I always miss when I trade them in for my collection of sandals each summer.

When it comes to accessorizing, my mind always goes directly to my never-ending collection of scarves, statement necklaces, bags, etc. I generally choose a pair of shoes that is functional for whatever I’m doing and that matches my already constructed outfit; it is rare that I turn to my shoe shelf to choose the base of my outfit. However, this Fashionisto had me thinking that I may be taking the wrong approach. He was an example of just what I love so much about boots.

His Dr. Martens combat boots made a bold statement, completely changing the overall feel of his striped T-shirt and zip-up sweatshirt. While pairing these pieces with moccasins or sneakers like every other college student would have been acceptable, this Fashionisto used his boots to make a statement rather than just to have something on his feet. They served a very clear purpose in his look. Building your outfit around a pair of shoes and making them the star of an outfit is an awesome way to switch up your style a little bit and give your cool kicks the attention that they deserve.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Honestly, wear what makes you happy. Everyone has their own unique sense of style and preferences and you should never be afraid of being yourself.”