STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bold, Beautiful And Bright

We’ve finally gotten through the miserably cold month that is known as February. Now that it’s March, we’re closer than ever to spring break, more sun and temperatures that are higher than 20 degrees. We are now a mere few weeks away before the official beginning of spring. To celebrate the end of the unbearable cold and the dawn of the first signs of warmth, students should look to incorporating some bright spring colors into their wardrobe.

Bright colors are always a popular choice for spring. Students often match their wardrobe to the weather, so once the snow melts and the flowers bloom, they are often excited to wear upbeat, colorful outfits. After all, it is much easier to wear black during the winter but hard to do when the sun is shining, so the solution is to wear bright, vibrant colors.

This particular Fashionista went with two ultra-saturated colors—a poppy red and a bright blue. Her vivid blue blouse has embroidery details at the neckline containing colors of yellow and peach. This Fashionista’s red jeans bring out the peach colors in her blouse and contrast the blouse nicely for a bold effect. Her brown riding boots, due to their natural color, keep the outfit from becoming too busy and give it an earthy, bohemian feel. To finish off the look, this Fashionista wore blue feather earrings to complement the bohemian feel of the blouse. Altogether, this outfit is striking yet down to earth and perfect for spring.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Colors are key! Red jeans and a contrasting blue statement top do the talking for you when they are this saturated.”