Obviously it is known that jackets have been the staple piece this season, and the bolder the better, right? With school starting we all need something to flaunt back on campus; this Fashionista decided to do it with her coat.

As stated in my former post that a coat can make an entire outfit, this Fashionista made it her mission to keep eyes on her this semester. Her outfit is casual, comfy and stylish at the same time. I mean, that is what college style is all about. Adding this bold blue coat takes the outfit to a whole new level from casual to a tad classy. She simply paired her electric coat with high-waisted jeans and a tank, making sure everyone knows which piece is more important.

This Fashionista wants to stay homey and soft, but wants to do it while staying on-trend. While most might think the sneakers take away from the outfit, I think it does the exact opposite and gives the outfit a twist. The most important thing is that she is comfortable. Who doesn’t want that during a full day of classes?

I believe using coats as a statement piece is the best thing since slice bread. Being able to just put on your basics and make your outfit speak with just one piece is more than amazing. Considering we all need a jacket from time to time with this up-and-down weather, we should all have a great bold coat just laying (I mean hanging) around.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A bold pop of color to make an outfit stand out—it is all about that one piece!”