STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Boho is the New Chic

The term “boho” stems from trends based on the hippie movement during the early ’60s and ’70s. It is an incorporation of flowing skirts or dresses, mixed patterns and an effortless aesthetic. Recently, this style has become more popular due to the relaxed feeling it gives any Fashionista/o. Dressing according to this trend allows you to feel both comfortable and unconstrained; however, the funky patterns pull the whole look together.

This Fashionista achieved her look by using accessories to accentuate the main focus of the outfit, which is her romper. Instead of putting on separate articles of clothing to come together as one outfit, she decided to slip on an effortless one piece. The mix of prints give the look more depth and allows it to be wearable in any situation.

Paired with the bohemian-inspired romper is this floppy hat, adding both functionality and even more of a boho vibe to the outfit. This Fashionista wore strappy high heels to enhance the classy and chic look, showing how versatile the romper can be. No outfit is complete without a trendy handbag. In this case, she topped it off with a simple black cross-body that has a tassel to revert back to the bohemian energy the look gives.

As shown by this Fashionista, the most important thing about boho being the new chic is that looking good does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort. So take boho for a whirl and rock the look!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always wear what you feel comfortable in and if you ever need to give the outfit a little extra something, add some accessories. My best tip is to play around with bags, watches, rings, necklaces and hats to see what really pulls the look together.”