Every season, bohemian fashion is trendy, and with every season, bohemian fashion changes. We can all thank the queen of bohemian fashion, Vanessa Hudgens for that. With the popularity of music festivals like Coachella, bohemian fashion can be interpreted in many ways.

For music festivals, many people go all out for the bohemian trend. You can see people wearing two piece sets, wide legged pants, flowy maxi dresses and a wide variety of crop tops with high-waisted bottoms. Bohemian styles have gotten popular because it gives a carefree vibe. This trend includes bold prints, lace, eyelet cutouts and unstructured silhouettes. The colors can range from pastels to neon colors based on the season. Many of the pieces for this trend are complemented with accessories such as hats and sandals.

This Fashionista took a more casual take on the bohemian trend. This look is perfect for a girl’s day since it is comfortable yet still trendy. This look can be achieved with pieces that you may already have in your closet. Key pieces for a bohemian look are flowy and comfortable. She is wearing an oversized cardigan, high neck crop top and cropped jeans with a frayed hem. The tank top has lace detailing on the bottom and eyelet detailing at the neckline. Her knit cardigan adds comfort to the outfit while the frayed hems of the jeans add less structure for a bohemian vibe. This look would not be complete without accessories, so to complement the look, she is wearing peach colored sandals, a black cross-body bag and a black hat.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion should not be all about the brand, but the style! Many shops carry the most recent trends of the season, so instead of buying an item from an expensive name brand you can save money as a college student and wait for it to come out in a much less expensive store. The brand of the item should not matter as long as you feel beautiful and great in what you wear.”

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