STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bohemian Vibes At The Market

Browsing the fresh fruit and vegetables at the local farmers market is a must for everyone during the summer. The cherries are huge, the strawberries are ripe red and the tomatoes look juicy enough to bite into. Flared denim jeans are the major trend in this Fashionista’s outfit. The flared jean has made a huge comeback in the fashion world this past spring and summer, and I can guarantee that we will see it again in the fall.

Flared leg jeans are super flattering for all body types because they make you look long and lean. Every girl wants to look as though she has legs that go on for days, and that is why the flared jean is the perfect pant choice. These flared jeans are high-waisted and light washed. You can also find flared denim in distressed stains or dark washed.

The Fashionista paired her bohemian jeans with Birkenstock sandals which are such a great trend for the summer. My favorite Birkenstock style sandals are made by Steve Madden. They are comfortable to wear anywhere and for anything you are doing, while still  keeping you stylish on the streets. Throwing on a caramel colored, large leather tote makes the look complete. She can easily throw in any bags of fresh produce that she purchases from the market! Adding the retro sunglasses puts a personal touch to her outfit. I absolutely love her chic and laid back style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whatever I choose to do for the day, I make sure that I am comfortable and stay true to my inner bohemian style. I love to try new styles but incorporate old fashion trends.”