When the heat outside goes up and the amount of fabric we need on our body goes down, you know it’s that time again: Summer! Summer calls for a few different necessities: Lots of water, air conditioning and, of course, a super cute new style to rock in the sizzling streets of the city.

The style that I’ve been seeing these first few weeks of summer which I’m absolutely obsessed with is detailed bodysuits. If you’re going on a shopping spree in the streets of SoHo, having a beach day with your friends or going for a night out on the town, there’s a different body suit for each occasion. The great thing is all of them can be dressed up and down! The bodysuit has been gaining a lot of popularity recently for it’s extreme versatility and ability to bring a uniqueness to the simple shirt and pants look that we all love so much.

The pastel-like green color of this bodysuit combined with the crochet detailing makes it super easy to pair for any kind of occasion! With the navy blue pants and gold platformed Birkenstock inspired shoes from Sixty Seven, this is officially the perfect day to night look! If you’re looking for a little bit more of a casual beach-day vibe, try pairing the bodysuit with a nice comfy pair of ripped Levi’s shorts or boyfriend jeans to give a small taste of grunge to the feminine design of the bodysuit.

Whats is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I just love the versatility of this bodysuit, because honestly if I’m wearing this, no matter what I will never feel out of style.”