It’s a blast from the past! While runway trends and street style have always borrowed from styles of the past, it is important to always remember to keep it looking updated and fresh. Currently, the fashion of the ’70s is making a huge comeback this season, and pieces like bell bottom jeans, flare sleeves and platforms are being seen everywhere.

This Fashionista is combining the old with the new, which brings a new and updated look to the iconic ’70s fashion. Instead of looking like she’s ready to dance the night away at the disco, this Fashionista combines elements of ’70s fashion with her own personal bohemian flavor.

What caught my eye was her bell sleeve crotchet blouse. The blouse is the center of her outfit, with all the accessories revolving around it. The bell sleeves make this outfit stand out. Her blouse shows that the bell shape isn’t meant just for pants. She keeps this blouse looking modern and fresh by choosing a different pattern and texture. Rather than going for a cotton or polyester blouse, this Fashionista opted for a more bohemian look with the crotchet pattern. Besides channeling boho and ’70s elements, this Fashionista’s blouse acts as a great layering piece. While she layered this eye-catching blouse over a black romper, the blouse can be layered over a dress or paired with jeans.

Her blouse isn’t the only element borrowed from ’70s fashion. This Fashionista channels the ’70s with her platform sandals. Besides giving her a little added height, her platform sandals serve as a great statement piece without taking away the spotlight from her blouse. Platform sandals are also a great alternative to wedges, especially if you are looking to add a little extra height without looking too dressed up.

The Fashionista finishes her outfit off with a black floppy hat that not only looks stylish but will also protect her face from the hot summer sun. A floppy hat is a great way to hide a bad hair day or just add a little extra pop to an outfit. Make sure to keep your hat in a neutral color so that you don’t distract from your outfit as a whole.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be open to all different types of decade fashions! If the fashion isn’t what you normally wear, mix it with elements of your personal style to create a fashionable and unique look.”