As the nauseatingly cliche saying goes, “Women who wear black tend to lead very colorful lives.” I wear a lot of black, and I’d like to think that for a 19-year-old living in northeast Ohio my life is fairly colorful. It’s ironic that black was originally worn to characterize death but now we Fashionistas wear it when we feel most alive. It’s almost a crime not to have an LBD in your closet for whatever nightlife happens to appear on your social calendar. Instead of being a color used to embody intense somber emotions (unless you’re 12 and wear a lot of black), the color now depicts luxury as tastemakers such as Kanye West and Gigi Hadid can frequently be seen stepping out of black Mercedes Benzes and Audis with ensembles to match.

This Fashionista stepped out of The Fashion School at Kent State drenched in black. She dons a pair of leather leggings, one of the season’s top trends. She pairs them with a black sweater and black overcoat for a sleek and sophisticated look. She accessorizes the outfit with a black tote and black sunglasses to add to the aesthetic. The finishing touch is a pair of taupe suede booties lined with fringe to add a tiny bit of flair to the ensemble. The outfit is crisp and casually decadent.

Whether it’s a tiny bodycon dress hanging on the racks at Charlotte Russe or a gorgeous Valentino gown making its way down a Parisian runway, the color black can be found in all nooks and crannies of the fashion industry. For some, the color represents emotion and tenacity. For others it represents luxury and affluence. Navy is not the new black. Burgundy is not the new black. And as much as I love a good tussle in a women’s correctional facility, orange is certainly not the new black. Black is the new black.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t have to be going to a funeral to be dipped head to toe in black. Add more black pieces to your wardrobe and create a collection of chic and sophisticated go-tos.”