With the recent trend of freezing weather on the East Coast, it is tempting to leave your dorm in sweats and a hoodie to keep warm. For all the Fashionistas not ready to resort to the comforts of fleece, however, there are other options to help keep warm.

This Fashionista kept her look ultra-chic and winter appropriate by pairing an all-black outfit with heavier materials. Her pants are made of velvety corduroy, which prevents the icy wind from freezing her legs and her sweater is a medium weight that is ideal for wearing under her gray peacoat so that she avoids looking bulky. The black combat boots unify the outfit and lend a subtle edgy quality that is balanced out by the dainty silver jewelry.

The key piece of this Fashionista’s look is her patterned blanket scarf. Not only does it spice up her outfit and keep it from being completely monochrome, but it also keeps her warm while walking around campus. The fact that this Fashionista chose to keep everything else black is essential for allowing the scarf to stand out and be the centerpiece of the look. Since the rest of her outfit is form-fitting, the scarf adds the perfect amount of movement and dimension to distinguish it from the winter wear of others. Blanket scarves have become tremendously popular over the past few seasons and for good reason too. These scarves are so versatile because they can be worn as a chunky scarf or as a casually draped shawl.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “One of my favorite things to do is to wear all black and add a fun scarf. This one is my favorite right now because it’s basically a blanket impersonating a scarf and it keeps me toasty. The black corduroys are another great call for winter because they look more put together even though they’re comfier than Christmas!”