STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black is the New Black

No matter how much I love the powder blue pieces hanging in my closet at the moment, there’s something about the color black that gets me every time. Despite the fact that we obsess over countless colors every season, it’s safe to say that those little black dresses and black leather minis hanging in our closets are here to stay.

From chic black dresses to all-black looks, this color has played a major role in the lives of Fashionistas/os everywhere. With its versatility and timelessness, it’s no surprise that the color black can work for any style aesthetic all year round. Whether it’s a simple black turtleneck or a pair of high-rise black jeans that you’re lusting after right now, a little splash of black can add a dash of sophistication to any look.

This Fashionista embraces the chilly spring weather with a killer all-black ensemble. If you ever find yourself stressing over what to wear to class, this savvy Fashionista proves that those black pieces in your wardrobe might just be the answer. She opts for simple, clean pieces such as a black crop top and a high-waisted neoprene skirt. She finishes off her look with solid black tights and a pair of Chelsea boots. This Fashionista’s uncomplicated outfit is proof that monochromatic ensembles are a definite must: with a few simple pieces she’s mastered the art of street-chic. Yet again, it’s obvious that the color black is truly irreplaceable.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I could ramble on about my love for the color black forever, but I think Neiman Marcus said it best: ‘Women who wear black live colorful lives.'”