As we enter the chilly winter months neutral colors tend to be the fashion staple we see on the streets. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of the neutral color palette, but sometimes it can look a little drab especially when the sky is cloudy and dull toned. However, when I saw this Fashionista’s outfit I thought it was anything but drab. I think the key here is her monochromatic pieces. Black is totally a staple color but doesn’t always tend to stand out. Rather than pairing a black shirt with blue jeans and brown boots, this Fashionista made her outfit stand out by keeping every piece black. I think what really pulled her outfit together was that she kept her accessories to one color as well. Her gold-wired sunglasses matched her vintage bangle, which even matched with the zipper on her jeans.

I love the outfit pieces she chose to pair together and how cohesive they are. Her turtleneck isn’t bulky and overpowering, which is so important when going for the monochromatic look. I think the key to her all black outfit is that there isn’t a statement piece in her outfit; rather, the color seems to act as a statement piece. I also love the length of her jeans as they help guide the eye to notice her fabulous boots. In a sea of mixed neutral outfits, this single colored look will have all eyes on this Fashionista this winter!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Black on black is classic and classic is never boring and always in style.”