March 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

I have always considered myself a basics girl. That’s why this new post will be dedicated to monochromatic outfits. I love this trend, but I have to admit that you may come up with either a perfect outfit or a totally bad one.

Today’s Fashionista is the perfect example of how to create a monochromatic outfit. She has managed to create a totally black look without looking like she is actually going to a funeral!

I will first focus on her coat, which is said to be from one of the best brands when talking about extreme temperatures. I love how this brand has managed to mix and match the best of both worlds by coming up with a cute coat that actually shelters your body.

If I said I like the coat, I need to confess that I love her jeans. They are military-style, versatile black jeans with side pockets that perfectly match the style she is wearing. This way, she has managed to combine two simple but cute pieces into one fabulous outfit by using a single and unique color!

Nevertheless, she has chosen not just a simple color, but black. As the title of the article states, black is the new black. By this I mean that this is a color that will never get old. No matter the time or age, it will always reappear for two simple reasons: the sophistication and elegance it brings to any look. A clear example is the commonly known little black dress, a garment every woman should have.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you want to succeed when color-blocking, black has to be your choice!”